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From intimate wedding venues and high-tech health facilities to the actual Field of Dreams, Timberlyne has been the proud builder of a wide array of awe-inspiring commercial buildings. With over 30 years of expert craftsmanship under our belt, your commercial project will be completed to your client’s exact specification, on time and on budget.

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    Truss Designs

    From traditional to ornate, when it comes to your project, nothing is out of reach. Timber trusses are prefabricated and pre assembled, easily installed right at your project site. Choose from an array of joinery options including mortise and tenon, internal and steel plate joinery.

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    Mass Timber

    Tried and true wood layers are pressed into large, engineered beam and panel components able to be pre-cut off site.
    Supported by recent testing and code changes, designers and developers will appreciate the advantages of improved stability, aesthetics and construction efficiency that mass timber has to offer.

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  • 5 DSCF3398 0000 Prefabrication


    Wood is light and workable, making it ideal for off-site fabrication. Directly from a BIM model, our large CNC machinery is designed specifically for these types of materials and can precut all connections with extreme precision. This greatly reduces the amount of work and time on the job site resulting in lower costs to you.

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    Timber Accents

    Add character and set your building apart with timber accents in either the interior or exterior portions of your building.

Partner with the Best

What's the best way to earn your client's trust? Partner with the best. No matter the scope of your project, Timberlyne partners with the best in the architecture, engineering and building communities in order to have the most comprehensive understanding of your client's vision.

Along with partnering with others in the industry, Timberlyne brings 35 years of experience to the planning table, providing expertise in the efficient use of sustainable resources, providing highly detailed shop drawings, seamless communication between architect and builder, and information regarding the engineering properties of the timbers. That experience also lends itself to the utmost in originality and creativity for both you and your client.


Changes Happen

If there is one thing we have learned over 35 years of experience, it's that changes are inevitable. We don't shy away from them or shun them. We adapt. If the red pen comes out, we work with the full team of architects, engineers and builders to preserve the signature aspects of the space while proposing changes in timber dimensions, spacing and embellishments. We know that even the slightest aesthetic changes make a big impact on the bottom line.

Design Process

When the building looks good, you look good. Timberlyne has a highly experienced design team to work with you and your clients throughout the entire construction process. No matter how discerning your client is, what sort of timeline you're working under or what your budget is, our dedicated service team will work to ensure your project is a success.

With so many customization options, your client's building will truly be one-of-a-kind.


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Wood Species

Classic woods pine and Douglas fir have been the Timberlyne preferred timber for over 30 years. Their strength and stability make them ideal for buildings that last a lifetime.

One of the most plentiful species in North America, sourcing both pine and Douglas fir make them a quick and sustainable choice.

However, if you're client is after a more distinct look, no species is off-limits. Let us know what they're looking for and we'll get it sourced.

Textures and Finishes

Give your building character and achieve your client's design goals with these texture and finish options:

  • Wood finishes Douglas Fir Rough Sawn

    Rough Sawn

  • Wood finishes Douglas Fir S4 S


  • Wood finishes Douglas Fir Wire Wheel Buffed Distressed

    Raised Grain

  • Wood finishes Douglas Fir Scooped


  • Wood finishes Douglas Fir Hand Hewn Distressed

    Hand Hewn

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