Because Timberlyne is a custom timber frame manufacturer, we are not restricted by a limited number of plans or frame designs. Instead, we are capable of creating a custom frame that will meet your particular needs.

Our Farmhouse Series floor plans do offer a variety of options to meet budget requirements and expand or reduce square footage, with options including flexible porches, different wall heights and roof slopes, and integrated dormers and bump-out gables above the porches.

Depending on the nature of your project, our in-house design team can help you with this process, or we can collaborate with any architect or designer that you choose to hire.

Timberlyne is not a “turn-key” builder. We are a custom timber frame manufacturer that works as a subcontractor in coordination with the builder or general contractor of your choosing.

Depending on where you are planning to build, we might be able to recommend someone that has worked with us in the past. If we don’t know of anyone in your area, we can try to help you find someone, or we can explain our process to whomever you choose to interview for the job.

The short answer is anywhere. We will load up your frame, deliver it to your building site, and your crew will erect your structure with guidance from our team if needed.

It depends. Many variables influence this cost. For an accurate estimate, first decide on a floor plan and frame design. The price of a timber frame also varies according to how many pieces are used, how they are joined, what species and quality of wood is chosen, how the timbers are finished, what embellishments are added and the specific job-site requirements of your property.

The good news is that our expert team will help you determine this cost while helping you make some important decisions about your new building.

Not necessarily. One of the benefits of timber framing is that it can be combined with other construction methods and mixed with many other materials.

Nope. No job is too big or too small.

Our most common wood species are: Pine, Douglas fir, Red & White oak and Western Red Cedar. We can offer other species if the application is suitable for the project.