Timberlyne Green Sustainability

The earth gives us what we need to live, including what we need for our homes. It only makes sense to protect it.

That’s why Timberlyne is deeply concerned about the environment and the protection of the land. We want our structures to last for generations while still ensuring healthy forests and a clean environment as part of our legacy.

Barn interior

Natural Beauty

Wood requires less energy to produce, transport, construct and maintain over time, making our chemical-free wood the perfect building material.

Because wood grows naturally, using energy from the sun, it is the only major building material that is renewable, reusable and sustainable. It outperforms other materials in terms of energy use, greenhouse gases and air pollution. The USDA actively promotes wood as the superior green building material. In addition, the flexibility of wood makes it an ideal building material for earthquake safety or high wind.

Did you know maximizing wood use in both residential and commercial construction could remove an estimated 21 million tons of C02 from the atmosphere annually – equal to taking 4.4 million cars off the road?

Tree Donation

Tree Donation

As part of our efforts to be good stewards and help with reforestation, Timberlyne will donate 10 lodgepole pine or Douglas fir trees in your name when you purchase a barn package from us. Our packages are produced from pine and Douglas fir, which reseed for future growth. Our suppliers practice selective logging to help maintain and continue the healthy growth of forests.

Winter Barn

Naturally Insulating

Not only does wood require less energy to produce, transport, construct and maintain over time, but it is also a natural insulator from the elements. As a result, our barns are comfortable throughout the seasons, warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. This is especially important if you plan to finish the interior of your barn, as it will save you money on your energy bills.

Did you know Active forest management, or forest thinning, mitigates wildfires, cuts carbon emissions, replenishes area waterways, expands wildlife habitat, and creates jobs in rural areas.


Pre-manufacturing Process

Timberlyne construction starts with pre-cut bents, clearly labeled materials and numbered plans. These and other energy efficient details reduce project and product waste. Building in this controlled work environment also helps reduce waste. Any scrap wood left over is donated and recycled.

Douglas Fir

Sustainable Mills

We work hard to guarantee our timbers are responsibly and sustainably harvested. These practices ensure there is more timber growth than harvestation each year. We are happy to report that forestland acreage in North America has been stable for more than 100 years.

Did you know Wood construction can help solve issues American cities are facing like a shortage of low carbon energy efficient buildings, and affordable housing because lighter weight timber makes adding stories to existing buildings more feasible and affordable.