Working with Timberlyne means working with a team with unmatched dedication to the highest standards in the industry, from the strongest timbers to the tiniest detail. With four different frame styles to choose from and endless customization options. With Timberlyne as your trusted industry partner, you can shine as your client's champion.

The construction process is a collaborative effort, which is why Timberlyne takes partnering with the architecture, engineering and building community very seriously. Because of this "team-first" attitude, we are able to have a much clearer understanding of the building project from the get-go.

Timberlyne is proud to offer expertise in the efficient use of sustainable resources, providing highly detailed shop drawings, seamless communication between architect and builder, and information regarding the engineering properties of the timbers.

Timberlyne has spent the last three and a half decades perfecting the interconnectivity of a timber frame structure with various building systems including conventional framing, post and beam, glulam, trusses, SIPs, and others. This experience means we are able to offer the ultimate in originality and creativity for you and your client.

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When your project looks good, you look good. So work with the best. Check out these accents your homeowners will flip for.

  • 5 DSCF3398 0012 Joinery

    Truss Designs

    From traditional to ornate, nothing is beyond our reach. We prefabricate and preassemble timber trusses to be delivered and installed on the job site. We offer an array of joinery options including mortise and tenon, internal and steel plate joinery. View Designs

  • 5 DSCF3398 0004 Timber Truss

    Timber Trusses and Ceiling Beams

    Timber trusses or ceiling beams are the perfect choice when a full-frame isn't needed or possible. Give your client the same soaring wood ceilings and feel as a full-frame but as a more budget-friendly option. View Designs

  • 5 DSCF3398 0010 Timber Trusses

    Decorative Trusses

    Decorative trusses are lightweight and feature the same detailing and craftsmanship as a structural truss. Get endless options without the burden of structural loads. View Designs

  • 5 DSCF3398 0011 Coffered Ceiling

    Coffered Ceilings

    Classic grid-shaped ceiling beam work with primary, secondary and tertiary hierarchies are available. The result is a classy, timeless look that adds visual appeal to any ceiling.

  • 5 DSCF3398 0007 Brackets

    Brackets and Braces

    Brackets and braces are used as architectural and exterior support elements on awnings and overhangs. They are available pre-assembled for easy installation.

  • 5 DSCF3398 0008 Rafter Tails

    Rafter Tails and Corbels

    Rafter tails and corbels are available in both custom and pre-designed buildings. These accentuate the eaves of your client’s building and can be as simple or complex as desired.

  • 5 DSCF3398 0000 Stairs

    Stairs and Railings

    Custom timber frame staircases are the perfect complement to your frame. The open designs add appeal as they provide a more natural flow than closed stairs that interrupt the space.

  • 5 DSCF3398 0006 Hall1141231

    Long Span Trusses

    Long span trusses come in both gusseted or concealed plate designs and span up to 100 feet. These are pre-assembled in our facility and installed quickly on-site.

  • 5 DSCF3398 0001 Exposed Connection

    Exposed Connections

    The combination of wood and steel can be powerful both aesthetically and structurally speaking. For wider spans, or a specific look, exposed plated connections can be the perfect choice for your project.

Precision is Key

Unlike conventional framing, Timberlyne aims for no less than a 1/16th of an inch tolerance in our timber work. Before a chisel or CNC machine touches a single beam, we make sure meticulous shop drawings and exact field measurements are crystal clear and that communication is seamless between the architect, builder, and Timberlyne. Our projects are always engineered by our third-party partner to ensure safety, sustainability, and efficiency. Every truss, bent, and frame we build is subject to a rigorous examination of strength and stability.

Machining Wood

Safety is Priority ONE

Safe Culture

We ensure the security and safety of our craftsmen and partners through four key safety programs:

  • New Hire Safety Orientation
  • Toolbox Talks
  • Near-Miss/Near-Hit Analysis
  • Substance & Abuse Program

Safety Manual

Our safety representatives have established specific safety regulations which are in accordance with OSHA standards. Listed are the contents included within our safety manual that we provide for each project upon request.

  • Hazard Assessment Survey and Analysis
  • Onsite First Aid/CPR/AED trained persons
  • Our 24hr Emergency Contact List
  • Safety Commitment Letter per project
  • List of our Mechanical and Rigging Equipment along with their Certified Operators
  • Lockout/ Tagout Program

Proven Track Record

As our company grows, our safety programs and certification grows as well. Each week, our employees receive reminders about the importance of awareness and precaution on each project. Each employee's input is extremely important to us. We encourage each staff member to regularly engage in our safety discussions and surveys. We are dedicated to reaching these two goals as quickly as possible:

  • SHARP recognized
  • OSHA license for every employee

Wood Species

Classic woods pine and Douglas fir have been the Timberlyne preferred timber for over 30 years. Their strength and stability make them ideal for buildings that last a lifetime.

One of the most plentiful species in North America, sourcing both pine and Douglas fir make them a quick and sustainable choice.

However, if you're client is after a more distinct look, no species is off-limits. Let us know what they're looking for and we'll get it sourced.

Textures and Finishes

Give your building character and achieve your design goals with these texture and finish options:

  • Wood finishes Douglas Fir Rough Sawn

    Rough Sawn

  • Wood finishes Douglas Fir S4 S


  • Wood finishes Douglas Fir Wire Wheel Buffed Distressed

    Raised Grain

  • Wood finishes Douglas Fir Scooped


  • Wood finishes Douglas Fir Hand Hewn Distressed

    Hand Hewn

Frame Options

  • Ladder Frame 01 v2 jpg

    Ladder Frame

    Cost-Efficient, Clear-Span

    Common Uses:
    Barns, Garages, Shops

    Structure Price:

  • Framing Postand Beam

    Post & Beam

    Simple Assembly, Scalable System

    Common Uses:
    Barns, Residential, Commercial

    Structure Price:

  • Framing Timber Frame


    Custom/Hybrid Options, Artisanship

    Common Uses:
    Barns, Residential, Commercial

    Structure Price:

    See the difference between Full and Hybrid Timber Frames

  • Framing Mass Timber


    Mass Timber has been gaining appeal in recent years.

    See Why

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