Whether you have a rough sketch on a napkin or a fully designed set of plans, Timberlyne is committed to creating your dream building, serving as your guide throughout the entire process.


Unparalleled Customer Service

The goal of Timberlyne Group is to help our customers achieve their dreams. Whether you choose a pre-designed package or are looking for a one of kind design, our highly trained professionals are here to assist you with possibilities, offering creative ideas and solutions as unique as you. We are committed to unparalleled customer service from the moment you contact us until well after your dream has become a reality.

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Custom Designs

Some companies put a cap on the number of customizations customers can choose from. Not at Timberlyne. We will never limit your selections, and we will not be satisfied until your building has met your precise specifications.

A huge benefit of post and beam construction is that the walls are not load bearing, so each and every building has ultimate design flexibility for endless possibilities.

Bring your own plans and we will bring it to life or visit with our highly experienced team of designers that will help you create your vision.

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Standards of Excellence

Our company now utilizes cutting-edge technology in our CNC fabrication process to efficiently craft our timbers to incredibly small tolerances—up to 1/16” of an inch. This allows our master timber framers to lead the erection of our mortise and tenon frames to their exact standards, making sure that company expectations of excellence are met. Furthermore, we use only the highest quality timber for our structures and ensure that all materials are responsibly harvested. Our skilled millwork department has years of experience and follows rigorous quality control when crafting our doors, windows and cupolas.

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Selection of Structures

We can’t pretend we’re the only timber company out there. But you would be hard-pressed to find another that offers so many structure options. Others may limit your selection to one or two, but Timberlyne offers an unparalleled FOUR different styles.

Choose from:

  • Framing Post Frame

    Post Frame

    Timberlyne post frame buildings are the most economical choice. Each post frame structure offers a blank slate interior, ready for you to use however you see fit.

  • Framing Postand Beam

    Post & Beam

    Post & beam framing mimics the elegance of timber framing, though the joinery is less complex. This results in beautiful timber structures with lower labor costs than their timber framing counterparts.

  • Framing Timber Frame

    Timber Frame

    Timber framing is a historic method that utilizes mortise and tenon joinery. This requires expert precision with each piece cut only by Timberlyne trained artisans and CNC machinery.

  • Framing Mass Timber

    Mass Timber

    Mass timber offers a perfect combination of aesthetics and sustainability, structural integrity and design flexibility.

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