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Available Structures

Timberlyne is proud to offer four distinct styles of framing.
Each of these structures are known for their strength and longevity, not to mention a profound beauty that resonate with young and old alike.

  • Ladder Frame 01 v2

    Ladder Frame

    Cost-Efficient, Clear-Span

    Common Uses:
    Barns, Garages, Shops

    Structure Price:

  • Framing Postand Beam

    Post & Beam

    Historic Styles, Versatile Designs

    Common Uses:
    Barns, Residential, Commercial

    Structure Price:

  • Framing Timber Frame

    Timber Frame — Full or Hybrid

    Custom Designs, Hybrid Options, Artisanship

    Common Uses:
    Barns, Residential, Commercial

    Structure Price:

  • Framing Mass Timber

    Mass Timber

    Sustainability, Speed

    Common Uses:

    Structure Price:

See the difference

Full vs. Hybrid

Timber Frames

  • A DSCF8604

    Full Timber Frames

    Full timber framing celebrates the craft by providing exposed timber frame structure throughout the home. You will feel the strength and quality of your structure in every room. Each structure is crafted with a unique design for every customer, and walls can be finished with wood, drywall, or the choice that’s right for you.

  • 4a 84 Send15

    Hybrid Timber Frames

    Hybrid frames integrate timber-framing elements with conventional framing, often finishing a space with a lower price point than full timber frames. Hybrid frames are a beautiful and efficient solution to create enchanting spaces where your family and your guests spend the most time, while utilizing conventional construction in other parts of the home.

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