Building Dimensions:

1275 Sq. Ft. Main Home, 315 Sq. Ft. Guest House

Based on Timberlyne's Pre-Design, the Steamboat, this peaceful waterside retreat in Texas is the perfect escape. With a modern single-slope roof and statement fireplace, the exterior creates a picturesque scene. The customer desired extra room for guests, with added privacy, so Timberlyne developed a matching single-slope guest house for the property. With plenty of space to entertain, it's easy to imagine relaxing on the patio with loved ones as the home reflections ripple on the lake.

Step inside and find a home that seamlessly blends with its surroundings. The exposed post-and-beam frame, a nod to the home's natural setting, is visible in every room. This structure choice is enhanced by the dark earth tones that dominate the home's aesthetic. Oversized windows bring the outdoors inside, as natural light warms the house and allows guests to enjoy the great outdoors in any season.

The Waterfront Serenity takes a traditional fishing cabin to new heights with its modern and sleek style. It's sure to capture the attention of any angler looking to create a place to relax and bait a hook.

Photo credit: Eddie Seal

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