Welcome to Whistlebee Farm, a heartwarming recreation of cherished childhood memories brought to life with a modern twist. This remarkable barn stands proudly where the owner's grandparent's dairy barn once stood.

"This was my grandma and grandpa's farm, and as a little girl, I remember riding my bike or walking up here to see them milking their 15 cows," shared owner Mindy. Over time, the barn, like many around the United States, sat unused. "There was a remnant of the barn left with a silo, and it just sat like that for many years. My husband, Dave, and I were fortunate enough to buy and keep the farm in the family."

Now a beloved home and gathering place for family and community, the barn has a traditional charm with modern amenities. The main living space provides an ideal sanctuary for the couple whose grown children have left the house. "We don't need that much living space, so we carved out a 15x60 ft. section that includes the kitchen, living space, bedroom, bathroom, and a combination office/utility room." This cozy and intimate setting creates the perfect retreat for Dave and Mindy.

Venture further into the main barn and loft; the space transforms into a vibrant party barn. "The main part of the barn is perfect for gathering, so we have a place just to play music, dance, and host potluck. The loft is more of a fun zone where you can read a book or kids can play. The barn is where friends and our family want to gather," said Dave.

Dave credited Timberlyne for their contribution to making the couple's dream a reality. "It was a very enjoyable process, dreaming of what we wanted to have and the people at Timberlyne who held our hand through the whole process and connected our dream to the whole structure." Mindy agreed, commenting," The best part has been the people we've picked up along the way that have made our vision so much greater!"

The couple can now enjoy a place to make new memories, adding to the fond inventory of memories from years past. The Whistlebee Farm Barn is the epitome of warmth and togetherness.

"We walk in there every day, look up and see the beams, and we don't take for granted. It's unique every time we walk in there," said Dave. Mindy also shared how happy the couple is with the finished project. "It's exceeded our expectations – for sure."

This barn will stand the test of time, symbolizing tradition and embracing Wisconsin's natural beauty, making it a special place for many generations to come.