Color choices, design, and a new structure rooted in tradition created the ideal replacement for the customer's old post and beam barn from the 1850s. The original barn had become a leaning safety hazard, and upon searching for replacement options, they found Timberlyne. Our team worked to provide a reimagined barn for this customer that would become a party barn with a wood shop and extra garage space.

"One engineer told us the only thing holding up the original barn from the 1850's was a memory," said the owner. So, they knew it was time to look for replacement options. Once they found the Timberlyne website, they were seriously compelled. A few calls later, they had a catalog and hired their friend, Erin Cochran of Revealing Redesign, as the project's design consultant. It was time to order a new barn.

"I was so excited to collaborate on this comprehensive project that included designing exterior elements, as well as the interior spaces of the barn," shared Erin. "We developed the plan for how the new structure would be appointed so the result would be a beautiful, inviting collection of spaces to welcome friends and family."

The original barn had been a home for livestock, hay, and a tractor, but the reimagined barn was to be a gathering place with extra room for hobbies. The new barn arrived mid-winter on seven tractor-trailers. Victor Burgos and Son managed the construction, while the local Amish community provided labor. "Any project like this will take a few years off your life, but given the chance, I would do it again in a heartbeat," commented the owner.

As you open the French doors, you enter the beautiful great hall, perfect for hosting large celebrations and events. The entertaining space features a full-sized kitchen to serve friends and family who gather around the oversized dining room table. Nearby conversation spaces with ample seating allow guests to enjoy this inviting space warmed by the pine. Behind the great hall on the first floor are two garage bays, a woodshop working space, and an office.

The owners realized they wanted to include living space as the building came to life. As a result, upstairs, you'll find a fully appointed loft apartment with a kitchen, two bedrooms, two bathrooms, and a cozy space to relax. Throughout the barn, guests will look up and take in the warmth and beauty of the timber from floor to ceiling.

"For the property at large, it was very important that the barn be visually linked to the existing 18th century stone farmhouse on the acreage—one of the oldest buildings in our county—so that the new building didn't feel out of place," said designer Erin.

To create that connection, Erin utilized colors from the original historic structure inside and out. Greens from the farmhouse's shutters and earth tones found in its fieldstone carried into the barn's interior and exterior paint, metal roof color, exterior trim work, and interior furnishings and cabinetry.

"The result is that these two buildings (the original 18th-century farmhouse and the brand new Timberlyne barn) have a resonance and a link to the landscape overall," closed Erin.