These Dreams are Coming to Life at Timberlyne

Timberlyne builds hundreds of custom projects each year across America that showcase the natural beauty of wood. We are constantly working with our customers to bring their vision to life. Here is a small sample of some of the exciting projects starting to take shape at Timberlyne.

Custom Timber Home - WY

Custom Timber Home – WY

This beautifully designed timber home is headed to Wyoming. A customization of our Steamboat pre-design, this home keeps a modern aesthetic with its single-slope roof. The original design has been modified to add a garage.

Gambrel Gathering Barn – WV

Gambrel Gathering Barn – WV

The historic gambrel barn is a favorite to many and for good reason! This barn has been custom designed for a customer in West Virginia and will be home to many gatherings once complete. The building will provide a warm welcome to all who enter.

Horse Run-In Shelter – CA

Horse Run-In Shelter – CA

A perfect option for horse lovers in warmer climates, this run-in shelter is headed to California. Timberlyne’s post and beam shelters provide a beautiful aesthetic while being a fully functional space for our customer's companions.

Luxury Barndominium – SD

Luxury Barndominium – SD

This barndominum is a fully customized design. Built to meet every need of our customer in South Dakota, this building has several features that make it unique. The statement cupola, stone fireplace, and covered outdoor patio area great for entertaining.

Mike Fahey Builder's District

image courtesy of HDR Architecture

Mike Fahey Builder’s District | Omaha, NE

The 1501 Mike Fahey Building is a part of the vision for the Builder’s District in North Downtown Omaha, NE. This building will be located across from Kiewit Headquarters. It will have space for offices, retail, and food concepts. Omaha’s Planning Board voted in favor of the building made mostly from mass timber due to its eco-friendly benefits. The design is more sustainable and has a smaller carbon footprint thanks to the incorporation of mass timber.

Museum of Nebraska Art (MONA)

image courtesy of BVH Architecture

Museum of Nebraska Art (MONA) | Kearney, NE

The Museum of Nebraska Art (MONA) is home to a vast collection of inspirational art by Nebraska artists. MONA will be the cultural center of Nebraska art by expanding its collection, providing quality exhibitions, and preserving its historic building. Mass timber used on this project will ensure MONA’s legacy of beauty and sustainability. Cross-laminated timber (CLT) allows the structural system to be nearly carbon neutral on this project.

Merchant's Ice Innovation

image courtesy of Douglas Architects

Merchant's Ice Innovation | San Antonio, TX

The Merchant’s Ice Innovation Center is a world-class redevelopment project on the east side of San Antonio’s urban core. This 63,000-square-foot state-of-the-art adaptive reuse facility will include retail, offices, and foot terraces. The building is a historic landmark, and the design is responsive to all requirements. New mass timber and glass will be added to the building, while the interior space will remain true to the original industrial character.

To begin your Timberlyne journey and bring your vision to life, connect with one of our experienced professionals.