A Look All Your Own

With so many accessories and accents, it’s no wonder Timberlyne has built nearly 10,000 buildings with no two exactly alike. Make your building a direct reflection of you with characteristics unique to your specific structure by adding any of these accessory options.

5 DSCF3398 0001s 0000 Barn Doors

Custom Barn Doors

Choose from a variety of styles including single & double sliders, single & double swinging, dutch doors, and walk-out doors.

We can also custom design a door to your specific dimensions.

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Custom Windows

Our windows replicate the detail, warmth, and charm of old barn windows. Panes are available in 5", 7", and can fit window frames of any size or shape.

5 DSCF3398 0001s 0001 Weathervane

Custom Cupolas + Weathervanes

Top off your masterpiece with a cupola and weathervane. Many unique styles and sizes are available.

Customize your look

  • 5 DSCF3398 0001s 0004 Leanto

    Open + Enclosed Lean-to’s

    Add extra floor space with either an open or closed lean-to.

  • 5 DSCF3398 0001s 0007 Hay Hoods

    Widow’s Peaks + Hay Hoods

    Add to the look and style of your traditional wood barn with a functional or decorative widow’s peak or hay hood.

  • 5 DSCF3398 0001s 0003 Dormers


    Dormers not only add unique character to your barn but also allow more natural light and create additional space.

  • 5 DSCF3398 0001s 0005 Hardware

    Hardware + Plates

    Enhance bare steel plates with black powder-coated plates and a wide variety of hardware, such as fasteners, latches, bolts, plates, hinges, and sliding door accessories.

Accents and Options

  • 5 DSCF3398 0002 Truss Designs

    Truss Designs

  • 5 DSCF3398 0010 Timber Trusses

    Timber Trusses and Ceiling Beams

  • 5 DSCF3398 0004 Decorative

    Decorative Trusses

  • 5 DSCF3398 0011 Coffered Ceiling

    Coffered Ceilings

  • Brackets

    Brackets and Braces

  • 5 DSCF3398 0008 Rafter Tails

    Rafter Tails and Corbels

  • 5 DSCF3398 0000 Stairs

    Stairs and Railings

  • 5 DSCF3398 0000 Prefabrication

    Long Span Trusses

  • 5 DSCF3398 0001 Exposed Connection

    Exposed Connections

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