3D Barn Designer

Ready to design your own barn? Our 3D designer allows you to customize your barn, send us your specs, and get a quote from one of our Project Coordinators. Choose your style and size, add your accessories, and finish off with a color scheme.

Our 3D barn designer is still evolving and we welcome any feedback for improvement as we continue to develop this interactive tool.

Timberlyne 3 D Barn Designer Barn
Timberlyne 3 D Barn Designer Frame
  • Step 1

    Choose Your Style

  • Step 2

    Add a Lean-To or Porch

  • Step 3

    Select Trusses & Bent Spacing

  • Step 4

    Size Your Building

  • Step 5

    Windows, Doors, Exterior Options

  • Step 6

    Choose Siding & Wainscot

  • Step 7

    Finalize Colors