3840 Sq.Ft. Loft Living

44'x60' Ponderosa Country Barn

Package Starting at: $233,036

  • Mortise and tenon timber frame: +$63,843
  • Add accessories as shown: +$7,147
  • Shipping, engineering not included.
  • Prices subject to change.
  • Renderings for visual reference only. Local codes may require different timber sizes, plates, or changes to dimensions.
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Package Overview

• 1,200 sq. ft. Loft Living Space
• 2,640 sq. ft. Main Floor
• 0-2 Bedrooms, 1-2 Bathrooms

Accessories Shown

  • (3) 42"x7' Walkout Doors
  • (1) 12'x10' Double Sliding Door

Standard Options

  • Frame: 8x precision-cut timbers, powder-coated steel joinery
  • Main Floor Walls: 2x6 girts, 1/2" sheathing, house wrap, sill, KD pine siding: 1x10 board, 1x4 batten
  • Loft Walls: 2x6 vertical framing, sheathing, house wrap, KD pine siding: 1x10 board, 1x4 batten
  • Roof: 6x8 purlins, 1x8 T&G roof decking, roof underlayment
  • Roof insulation: R-42 SIP package
  • Porch: 6x8 purlins, 2x6 T&G roof decking, roof underlayment
  • Loft: ¾” OSB T&G subfloor, 11 7/8 TJI joists, stair package
  • Structural building plans & foundation plans
  • Construction guide and phone support

  • Final roofing material, residential doors, windows
  • Interior walls, wall insulation, interior finishing
  • Underside of loft not insulated
  • HVAC, plumbing, and electrical
  • Site prep, foundation, utility hookups

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