Come Together

Today, family and friends gather around their tables to celebrate Thanksgiving. No matter where you live, familiar scenes can be found in homes across the country. Loved ones come together; those who have a knack for cooking make their way to the kitchen, while others take a seat at the table. Turkeys are roasting, fireplaces are lit, and the heavenly aroma of a homecooked meal fills the air.

It’s that time of the year when you might be dreaming of future holidays. Is your family outgrowing your current space? Maybe you dream of more room, or a warmer more welcoming atmosphere. Timberlyne customers started their journey the same way. It began long before the timber was delivered and assembled – it began when they, just like you, found themselves daydreaming about a place to gather with loved ones.

Today, to help inspire your dream, we’ve collected some of our favorite kitchens and dining rooms. These homes used the strength and beauty of wood to create a gathering place. It’s not hard to imagine the memories being made in these beautiful spaces this holiday season.