From the beginning, the purpose of the Panoramic Views Retreat was to create a place to relax and get away from the city.

"You know, I think it's rustic, but it has so much character in this building," Trent Marshall of Marshall Builders commented. Every little thing we've added (detail-wise) to it brings a lot of character. You feel like you're in a barn, but it's homey and cozy here, even though it's a big space."

After deciding to work with Timberlyne and identifying the shape and style of the barn that would bring the vision to life, it was time to get creative. "You can pick it out as a barn from a mile away. We pushed it past what you would typically think of for a barn. We used a modern window line, current technologies, and amenities to create a comfortable and accommodating space," stated Young. "It's not what you would expect from a traditional barn."

The Nebraska barn has a rustic but refined design with custom features throughout. "In the kitchen, we went with rustic hickory exterior doors with a walnut peg. Throwing it back to old construction methods for cabinetry and doors," continued Young. "We landed on copper countertops, and I thought it would be a fun challenge to hand-hammer them, make them look authentic, and wrap the pieces how people would have made copper countertops back in the day."

Upon entering the great room in the barn, your attention goes to the river rock stone fireplace. Then you look up to take in the timbers and see the antler chandelier, which lands perfectly in the center of the great room. All the design choices come together to create a unique and beautiful space. The space is ideally suited to host gatherings, and the barn is ready to welcome guests with its rustic charm.

Additional unique features include custom bunk beds, a large table using reclaimed timber with antique tractor wheels as the base, and heirloom furniture. These features bring additional character to the already beautiful barn.

"The owner said they use the barn all the time, and it's become a part of the family," closed Marshall.